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Capturing every on-screen move in optimal resolution, but compressed so uploading it is never an issue, no matter how long the capture is… That’s what we’re hoping for anyway.

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Mouse Effects

Want to make sure that the effects can be managed by the mouse, just call us and you will know how.

Screen Mode

If you want to show a certain part of the screen with our software it is possible.


User Friendly

Select Area & Record

You can select the part of the screen which needs to be visible to help ensure that the attention is on the process.

Real-time Drawing

You can screen capture real time drawings to help ensure that every part of the process is recorded.

Web Hosting in the cloud

All recording can be uploaded and securely hosted online. Our basic plan will come with 10 GB of SSD storage on a very secure web server.

cloud hosting

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How To Use Screen Capture In Your Elearning

Screen capture is one of the most easiest way to help ensure that learning process is made easier. Screen capture allows you to add a lot of images to make the whole experience of the course interesting. If you want to learn more about how you can use screen capture for a better eLearning process, keep reading.

Explain Subjects step by step

When you trying to explain something to a student in the step by step process. A screen capture is one of the most ideal ways to help ensue that the right action is taken to help the student complete the task. This is one of the most easiest way to the client to follow along and learn the effective use of the product.

Illustrate subjects quickly

A picture can help you explain a difficult subject in the most easiest way possible. If you a screen capture in the right way you can give instant clarity to many complicated questions in just one image. It helps you cut down on time as well as help the learner understand the subject in a much more easier way.

Increase engagements and information retention

If you want to boost your engagements and want to gain more information in a short amount of time. Screen capture can help you add an image of the screen which you can use to learn the information later on when you are free.

Stretch your resources

Screen capture is one of the most perfect was the learners to learn a course with the most limited resources. If you quickly want to make a very extraneous design all you have to do is add them conveniently with the help of a screen shot which can help clarify any doubts.

Some tips you can follow to add a better effect to your screen capture

Stretch your resources

Build your eLearning toolkit

Screen Capture is the best way to help you quickly understand the context. It is one of the best tool to help train a learner in many possible ways with the help of the tools he or she might prefer.


When you are trying to take a screen capture you can easily use the image as an eLearning Content. You can easily add images, videos and try to make the most out of the content you have. All you have to do is try to click the image or the video to be as clear as possible to make it a successful tool for studies.

Be mindful of your screen

This is one of the most common issues one face when they are trying to deal with taking a clear screen capture. Try to make sure that the image you are taking is driving the attention away from the content. You can close all the private tabs and documents which can help you keep the capture clean.


How To Take A Screenshot, And Why They’re Beneficial

When you trying to talk to your IT team and you are not able to communicate the right issue. You might have to ask a solution for your problem. All you have to do is to send a screenshot of what is happening on the screen to the web support team. This is one of the easiest way to help solve an issue. Screenshots are extremely helpful whenever there is an issue, where you can just send an image and expect to get back a proper reply for the problem. Now, depending on your operating system some website may look different for each visitor. By providing the right visual example can help you bring the right solution to your door step.

Know your browser

Know your browser

Know that a website may differ from one screen to another. Try to understand the type of web browser you are using and try to find the about or the help page and take the screenshot of the issue which you can send to your IT team which can be the best way to get you back on track.

Elements of Screenshot

One of the most important thing is that while taking a screenshot you nee to always ensure that you take the picture of the whole screen it will be beneficial in understanding the problems that might be happening in the business. If there is a bug or an error a screen shot can be a good way to ensure that everything is right.

  • The first thing one sees in a screenshot is the element of the error or the codes that the screenshot shows.
  • URL or page address to help identify the actual cause of the error.
  • Server number to ensure that that the error is in the server or not.
  • Toolbars which can help in the editing process of the website where the possible vulnerabilities can be found.
  • Depending on the size of the browser you can maximize or restore things that you want to be covered in the screen shot.

How to take a screenshot

If you are trying to take a screenshot in the PC

  • Be aware that the page is loaded and the error has occurred.
  • Hold on the Control and press print
  • Now open pain and start to edit the things you want to edit
  • Control and hit V to paste in other application


  • Save the image and attach to any mail

If you are trying to take a screenshot in a Mac

  • Load the page with the error
  • Hold Command+ Shift+ 3 to ensure that a screen shot is taken
  • Open the image in iPhoto, photoshop and edit it
  • Later save the picture in a JPEJ format and attach to the email.
Key Features

Key Features of Jing Screen Capture

Jing is a unique way to capture the screen and share credible information with people. This unique method is fast and reliable, making the entire process look like a piece of cake. In addition to instant sharing, Jing is sure to add more colour and makes matters more efficient in your professional life. So, if you are in a confused state, then here are some features of Jing Screen capture.

The Function

As mentioned above, Jing lets you capture an image or a video of a document or some specific content that you wish to share with others. Jing functions and carries this method by dragging a rectangle around the part of the screen that you want to capture. This particular rectangle can be moved according to your needs, to get the exact part that you want. As the rest of the screen appears to be black and white, it makes matters more comfortable as you get the opportunity to carve without distractions.


The Screenshot

The image that you have obtained can later be transferred to a number of applications and places. You can upload this particular image to Screencast, Flickr, ftp or can also be saved as a file. This feature was well credited as a lot of people found it to be beneficial. Webmasters are the ones who are most benefited, as they take countless screenshots in a day.

The Signup

The only way, an individual gets to access Screencast is when they sign up for it. Signing up might seem like a hard process, but in reality, these matters are extremely simple. You will be receiving around 200 megabytes of free space and a limit on transfer. This limit is as less as one 1 Gigabyte, so there is nothing that you need to be worried about.

The User Interface

User Interface

User experience has been a remarkable feature that many seem to be talking about. The application lets you effectively solve all your problems, and you will not be facing many issues along the line. But many also claim the user interface to be experimental, as they do not seem to be getting a knack from it. Such reviews are rare and do not form a majority. By spending adequate time in using the application, you will also be able to crack it like any other application.

The Edit Option

By using Jing Pro, you are also facing an option to edit and make the file match your needs and requirements in a much more explicit fashion. The option of edit comes handy, especially when it is a video, as you will be fed with the number of takes. Hence, all these features put together makes Jing a useful application that states your needs first.


Your Complete Guide To Taking Screenshots

We come across specific posts and information that are crucial, as we go ahead and try to save it. The procedure of taking a screenshot is different for numerous devices, as they all function in a different mode. So, to help you out, here is a list of ways and methods to take a screenshot on some of the most commonly used devices.

Mac and IOS

The MacBook plays the cards quite different when compared to Windows. There are various products out in the market that will help you take a screenshot on a Mac. Snagit and Sketch are some of the most commonly used ones. On a Mac OS X, you can capture an active window by pressing Command+Shift+4 and then the space key. By doing so, you will be generating an active camera icon which you can use to select and capture the window. When it comes to IOS, you can take screenshots in an effortless manner. Devices like iPhone, iPad can be used to take screenshots by pressing the volume up and power buttons simultaneously.

Mac and IOS


The number of android devices in the market are countless, and there are more to come. So these methods might not work for all your android devices, but we are sure that the majority of them follow this. In devices like the Samsung Galaxy, you can click a screenshot by holding the home and power button at the same time. When it comes to Google devices like the Nexus 7 or the Nexus 6P, you can capture a screenshot by just holding the power button and volume down rocker. The moment you click the screenshot on such devices, it transfers the image to the gallery and hence, that’s where you will find them.


There are numerous methods and procedures that you can follow to capture a screenshot on windows. To get a click of the active screen, you need to press the Print Screen button. But if you wish to obtain the active window, then you need to press Alt+Print Screen. Such methods work well for desktops but are not valid on laptops. So, if you use a laptop, then you need to do things a little differently. Fn+Print Screen and Fn+Alt+Print Screen are the buttons that you need to click to capture an active screen and an active window, respectively.


Windows Phone

Clicking a screenshot on Windows phones is not a huge task and is comparatively quite simple. Pressing the volume up and camera button at the same time will help you capture the shot and then transfer it to the gallery. Hence, those are some of the ways through which you obtain a shot on some of the most commonly used devices.

Computer Screen

Mistakes to Avoid While You Record Your Computer Screen

Everyone wants to record a video that captures every single detail and is completely flawless. The video might be for a lot of purposes, and the scope for mistakes needs to be avoided at all costs. So, to help you, here are some mistakes that you need to avoid while recording a video on your computer screen.

Forgetting About the MIc

Forgetting to turn the mic on and not pressing the record button are some common mistakes that people commit while capturing a video on a phone or a desktop. The feeling of completing the entire video in time is appealing, but realising that your conversations were not recorded is a feeling that you want to forget. The mic and its volume are essential aspects of a video that you need to ensure before you go ahead and record.

Running Too Many Programs


Having too many programmes in the background is one of the biggest mistakes that you can commit before recording a video. The problem creates unpredictable situations during the shoot and will ultimately ruin your video experience. The extra set of programmes are unnecessary and might even pop up notifications while you shoot for a presentation or other such events. These instances require you to shoot the video again, and that is a hectic trap that you don’t want to fall into.

Going Too Fast

This is not a competition, and neither are you a rapper. So, while recording a video, you need to ensure that the things that you say are crisp and clear so that people can understand them to a large extent. When you give out credible information, it should reach the ears of the concerned authorities, and if it doesn’t, then you will be forced to re-submit your project. Hence, go slow and make sure that people catch your flow.

Not Being Prepared

Going to an audition without having basic knowledge about the part gives out an impression that you are lazy, as the part goes to another individual. In the same manner, not being prepared with the lines and the entire procedure before you shoot the video depicts poorly on your side and people do not like interruptions during the video. It affects the flow of the video and makes people want to grab their phones.

Thinking You’re Alone

Another mistake that is highly noticeable during video shoots are the background voices of people who were not supposed to be in there in the first place. So making sure that the room is empty is probably the first step that you need to be assured of. Hence, follow all these rules and make sure that your video gets recorded precisely the way that you want to present it.

Screen Capture

Ways Screen Capture Will Make Your Life Easier

Screen capture is one of the most useful ways to help ensure that you can share the things that you see on your monitor with others. It is also known as a screenshot where what ever is visible on your screen takes a picture of itself. It can be anything from a pic from a video to the search. Screen capture is not just for fun but can be used for amy other useful reason some of which are mentioned below.

Report and error message to IT and show them what the problem is

This is one of the best ways you can help the IT people understand the right problem. If the see the screen shot they might guide you through the right process which can allow you to overcome the problem easily that too with the help of your phone call.

Save important things you might like to refer back to later

This is one way to remind yourself to check something. You can take a screenshot of something important such as understanding your message better. You can save it and also ensure that everything is being followed.

Provide feedback

Provide feedback

One best way you can use screenshots to grow is to ensure that you click a shot and mark the message that you want to show and bring attention towards. This can later be corrected and provide a true feedback to the message.

Send a personlized video to a customer to touch base about an existing account

When you are trying to make a video many a time you can send a video of what is happening on the screen to get a review. If there is something wring in the message it can easily be erased before hand.

Help your customers with clear instructions on how to complete the task

complete the task

This is another useful way a person can gain real time guidance even when you are far away. This is one of the best ways to help ensure that instructions are clear and the video provided gives visual simulation to provide the right input.

Make a meme for your companies social media

You can use a picture and make into a meme which can later be put up in all your social media sites to help gain much more followers. This can bring in loyalty of the customers and even allow the picture or the video to go viral.

Explain a document to the client

A client having difficulty reading your documents. All you have to do is make a video of what happening in the screen to ensure that every step of the way information is proved to ensure better communication of the idea.