Screen Capture Tutorial


How to Use PCHand Screen Capture


Do you want to capture the specific image you see on the screen and edit the captured image? With PCHand Screen Capture, you do not need the “Print Screen” on keyboard and Photoshop any more.


How? Hope you could get help from this step-by-step tutorial.


Step 1: Open what you want to capture, for example, a webpage, a software window, etc.
Step 2: Without minimizing it, open PCHand Screen Capture.
Step 3: Select a capture profile icon you would like to use.




In the “Profile Settings” section, it’s available to change the input and output according to your needs.


Input output


Step 4: Click  and capture exactly what you want.


For example, choose “Rectangle”. You could see that the input is Rectangle, while the output is Editor. Just follow the tips to move the cursor to select a region that you want to capture.

When completed, the capture will be sent to the pre-set output.


Step 5: Handle the image and done!


Got it? Capture your own screenshot right now!



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