Screen Capture Tutorial


How to Take Screenshot


Many programs are designed for taking screenshot of computer screen. Actually, there are two kinds of capture tool: Freeware and Shareware. It is easy to see that freeware is free but has its limitations, and shareware is free download and if you think it is what you need and then you can buy it. So you can choose one as your needs. This document is specifically for How to take screenshot with PCHand Screen Capture.


Step 1: Open the program you want to take screenshot.
Step 2: Run PCHand Screen Capture, choose the appropriate input and output type. For example, if you want to take screenshot for an active window, you'd better make "Active Window" as the capture mode.


Input output


Step 3: Make sure the image is displaying in the front of screen, hit "Capture" button.

Step 4: Take screenshot what you want, the screenshot will be sent to the pre-set output, then done.


Tip 1: If you choose "Editor" as the output mode, the captured screenshot will be sent to the build-in editor automatically. More detail, see 'How to Edit Captured Images'.


Tip 2: If the default capture mode can't meet your needs, and you want to create one, just see 'How to Create Capture Profile'



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