Screen Capture Tutorial


How to Take Screen Shots of Your Windows


Capture the entire screen window is very easy, only press the “PrtScn”(print screen) on the keyboard. However want to take screen shots of a window or an element on the window such as the window frame, scroll bar, open menu, window control button, toolbar, and title? Please follow the below to do, you will take screen shots of your windows which you want the selected window.


Step 1: Download and install PCHand Screen Capture

Step 2: Double click the icon and runPCHand Screen Capture


Step 3:Open any window which you want to capture ,such as


Step 4:Click the “Window” in Capture Profiles

Step 5: Choose any one option which you want to output from the“Output”. For example

Step 6: Press or press the capture hotkey. And then a red rectangle appears. Move the rectangle to choose a window which you want to capture. Finally click to complete the capture and the screenshot is sent to the selected Output.

Tip 1:The step 4 you can also choose the “ActiveWindow” from the “Input”.


Tip 2:If you want to capture screenshot of a scrolling window, you choose “scrolling window” in the third step. More detail see guide how to capture scrolling window.


Tip 3: Want to take a screen shot of an active window, you select “Active Window” from the “Output” or choose “Active Window” in the Capture Profiles in the step 4. Please visit How to capture screenshot of an active window


Tip 4:if you want to direct output to the word/powerpoint/email ect, you could set suitable “output” options .




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