Screen Capture Tutorial


How to Edit Captured Images


I guess you have once met the situation like this. Finished the capture, but you were not satisfied with effects. Wanted to enhance the images with more effect, but you didn’t know how to operate the powerful yet complex Photoshop.


Are you finding a more user-friendly way to make it? Here, I’d highly recommend PCHand Screen Capture and its excellent built-in partner – Image Editor.


No matter what you want to capture, windows, web pages, etc., please just start PCHand Screen Capture and set “Editor” as default output. In Image Editor, except the basic edit, you could also enhance the images with professional effects and filters.


Now let’s begin the tour!


Step 1: Open the PCHand Screen Capture, capture the screenshot you want and the image will display in editor.



Tips: How to Use PCHand Screen Capture, please visit here.


Step 2: Click the little icon on Mini Tool bar to enhance the images with Text decoration, highlight, etc.


Step 3: Click "Image" on the menu to choose your favorite effects, such as "Auto Color Level"



Step 4: Click "Filters" on the menu if you still need some more effects, for example, Posterize.



Step 5: Save the images in diffierent format - jpg, png, tiff, gif and bmp.


So, why not start making an artwork yourself?



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