Screen Capture Tutorial


How to Create Capture Profile


PCHand Screen Capture has 7 inherent Capture Profiles: Capture full screen, Capture screen window, Capture selected region screen, Capture scrolling windows and web pages, Capture active window, and Capture screen window to file.


No limited to only 7 profiles, you could create more for any capture possibilities. Simply, you just need to select an Input & an Output from existed list to combine your own profile, name it and set a hotkey.


Tutorials in details is as follow:

Method 1

Step 1: Click “” -> “New Profile” or Click “”, choose the input & output, rename the profile and set hotkey.


Step 2: Click "OK" and add successfully.


Method 2

Step 1: Click “” -> “Organize Profiles” or Click “”.


Step 2: Click “Add Profile”.



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