Screen Recorder Tutorial


How to Capture Streaming Videos from Internet


Want to capture your favorite movie clips from YouTube? See the funny video from internet to want to record it from internet? Perhaps you want to download and cut it. But many videos do not allow to be downloaded. How to do it? That’s so easy. PCHand Screen Recorder could capture favorite movies, games, any software on your desktop video, any video display on your screen, record audio of what you hear or you speaker.


Step1: Download and launch PCHand Screen Recorder

Step2: Choose the appropriate “Full Screen” or “Selected Region” which you want to capture any region.

Step3: Click on the “Video” tab to set “Video Settings”. You could choose SWF, AVI, WMV, MP4, or MPG, FLV as output format, and also set the output quality and cursor settings.

Step4: If you want to record any audio and keep synchronous with video, you could click on the “Audio” to set “Audio Setting”, and then tick the “Record Audio” to set “Audio Setting”.

Step5. You could choose to save the capturing video as “save manually” or “auto save”. As long as, you click on “Output” to set “Output Setting” and then select “save manually” or “auto save”.”


Step6.Click on or use the hotkey to start recording. You should keep the video on screen.


Step7.Click on or use the hotkey to stop recording.


Tip 1 If you want to record desktop screen with sound and put on YouTube, please visit How to show your products on Youtube.


Tip 2: If you want to know how to set audio, please reference: How to Record Audio (Window Vista & 7)

How to Record Audio (Windows XP)



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