Screen Capture Tutorial


How to Capture Scrolling Window


Are you still worried about how to intercept a long scrolling window? You may be used to carve a long long page and piece together with certain image editing software. But now, you will find it easy with PCHand Screen Capture.


Please follow me to quickly and easily capture a Web page!


Step 1: Open the long page that you want to capture, such as
Step 2: Without minimizing, open PCHand Screen Capture.
Step 3: Select the "Scrolling Window " in Capture Profiles.



Step 4: Click capture and move the cursor to select the long Scrolling Window you want to capture. The selected area is highlighted with red border.

Step 5: Left-click the select area of the window to start capturing. Just wait a second! The window scrolls automatically.

Step 6: When completed, the capture is sent to the Editor. You could optimize the images with various effects if needed.


Tips: How to Edit Capture Image, please visit How to Edit Captured Images.


Step 7: Save the image and done. Easy and exactly the same, right?

(Click the image to view the original image.)



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