Screen Capture Tutorial


How to Take Screen Shots of Your Windows


As we all know, capture a screenshot of your desktop screen is very simple just as long as press the PrtScn (print screen) key on your Windows keyboard. Then paste it into the graphic program, you will get a screenshot of the desktop screen. However, the active window if you want to capture a screenshot? These steps show you how to capture screenshot of an active window with PCHand Screen capture.


Here’s how:

1: : Open an active window which you want to capture ,such as PChand Screen Recorder window

2: Download and launch PCHand Screen Capture
3: Choose the “Active Window” in Capture Profiles or select the “ActiveWindow” from the “Input”. For example:


4: Select any one option which you want to output from the“Output”. For example:

5: Press and move the curscor to the active window which you want to capture


6. When the cursor is exposed to the active window, you will immediately receive Screenshot of an active window.


Tip 1:If you want to capture screenshot of a scrolling window, you choose “scrolling window” in the third step. More detail see guide how to capture scrolling window.


Tip 2:if you want to direct output to the word/powerpoint/email ect, you could set suitable “output” options .


Tip 3: Want to edit screenshot of an active window, please visit how to edit captured images




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