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You probably already know how to capture a Full Screen with “Print Screen” on keyboard, and you may even know how to edit the captured images with Photoshop. But you will find it much easier with PCHand Screen Capture, for capturing anything you see on the screen, and also for editing anything you captured. Hey, it’s really easy to use, and powerful!

* User-friendly Interface for capturing

* Flexible Capture Profiles to customize your capturing mode

* Splendid built-in Editor for creating excellent images


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Key Features of PCHand Screen Capture

Capture any screen that you want

Just two clicks, capture exactly what you need! First, select a Profile. Second, capture screen. And done! You can easily find a capture mode from the 7 pre-set profiles.

Capture Full Screen

Capture Window / Object

Capture Region

Capture Scrolling Window

Capture Active Window

Capture FixedRegion

Various output options

7 methods for saving your captured images.

  • Capture screenshot to build-in editor
  • Capture screenshot to clipboard
  • Capture screenshot to images (jpg, png,gif,tiff,bmp, etc.)
  • Capture screenshot to pre-set image format
  • Capture screenshot and send via Email
  • Capture screenshot to opened Microsoft Word file
  • Capture screenshot to opened Microsoft PowerPoint file

Customize your own profiles

No limited to only 7 profiles, you could create more for any capture possibilities. How to make it? You just need to select an Input & an Output from existed list to combine your own profile, name it and set a hotkey.

Enhance your Images with Image Editor

  • Basic edit, explain with Text and Decorations
    Text: enhance the captured images with text decoration
    Line: add lines to the images
    Shape: add rectangle or ellipse to images
    Highlight Region: highlight the images with regions
    Arrow: add arrows to the images
    Stamp: add text decorations with bubble
  • Enhance the images with professional effects
    Rotate, Flip, Brightness / Contrast, Hue / Saturation, RGB Value, Color Level, Grey Image, Invert, Color Tone. You may need one of them. WYSIWYG, Real-time preview makes the result more intuitive.
  • Have fun with 10 different filters
    Noisy, Blot, Emboss, Oil Paint, Splash, Posterize, Mosaic, Halftone, Blur, 3D Grid.

Screenshot of PCHand Screen Capture

What's New in PCHand Screen Capture

Version: 1.8.0
Release Date: Dec. 19th, 2009
File Size: 4.92MB
What's New:
  • Available to capture irregular area
  • Fixed other minor bugs
Specification & System Requirement
Capture Profile
Windows / Object, Full Screen, Scrolling Windows, Region, Fixed Region, Active Window.
Built-in Image Editor, Image File (.jpg / .png / .gif / .bmp / .tif), Clipboard, PPT, Word, Email.
System Requirement
Operating System
32Bit / 64Bit System, Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7
1.0 GHz processor or above
512 MB of RAM (1 GB recommended)
Hard Disk
25 MB Free Space (50 MB recommended)


Buy $19.95USD (More Licenses>>) | Free Download

What User Says
My major work is to make tutorials for our products, and this excellent Screen Capture software helps a lot to capture images and edit! - David
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