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PCHand Screen Recorder V1.0.0 is Released!

October 30th, 2009 — PCHand Software announced the release of PCHand Screen Recorder V1. 0.
PCHand Screen Recorder is powerful yet easy-to-use screen record software to create video demonstration. With PCHand Screen Recorder, you could not only record any activities on screen, but also record the audio from PC or microphone. It provides a user-friendly interface and is easy to use. Just several steps and done!

With PCHand Screen Recorder you can
1. Record any activities of screen as you wish.

PCHand Screen Recorder can record any part of the screen or a window or the entire desktop, record your web cam sessions, favorite games, any software on your desktop, any video display on your screen, record audio of whatever you hear, even the left and right mouse clicks and mouse highlights can be recorded to be displayed in your recordings. With it, recording screen can’t be easier than this. Just several clicks, record exactly what you want! First, select area. Second, press “Start” to record. And done! It is fast speed and very easy to use.

2. Records audio from various audio sources - microphone, line-In, CD etc
Now, you will find no more difficulties to add your voice on the video. If your sound card supports it, whatever you hear could be recorded - your voice, click sounds, keystroke sounds etc in to your video. It is easy to do this! Just set volume parameters, select the Volume as your wish, then click “Start”, and the voice can be added and keep synchronous with video!

3. Generate standard AVI video.
With PCHand Screen Recorder, you can get a standard AVI format video, and it is small, lossless and popular to share on YouTube. It is also available to choose video or audio quality.
“Today, we release Our PCHand Screen Recorder which could help all users to record any activities on the screen” says Charles, Director of PCHand Software.”So together with PCHand Screen Capture, we have completed our PCHand Screen Suite which will become your best partner for desktop screen capturing and recording. To acknowledge all users’ support, PCHand Screen suite only needs $49.9! “


Price & Product Information:
Price: $29.95USD.
Product Information:http://www.screen-capture-record.com/screen-recorder.html
Download Link:http://www.screen-capture-record.com/download/screenrecorder_setup.exe

About PCHand:
PCHand = PC + Hand
That means PCHand Software will be the valuable assistant of your PC, just as the left hand and right hand of a person.
PCHand Software are focus on providing easy-to-use but professional and powerful tools for most users, including Screen Capture, Screen Recorder, System Optimization, System Maintenance, System Backup and recovery tools.


What User Says
My major work is to make tutorials for our products, and this excellent Screen Capture software helps a lot to capture images and edit! - David
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