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How to be our affiliates?

PCHand Software partners with Regnow, a software-specific affiliate program. If you haven't joined Regnow yet, plesse feel free to sign up here. After completing an online sign up form, you will receive an affiliate ID and other detailed information via Email. All new affiliates are automatically approved, so you could start making money right away. Come on and join us! It's fast, safe and FREE!


How to Get a Custom Build Version?

Step 1, Sign in Regnow as an affiliate, find our products from "Toolbar -> Products Finder" and search via "Name Search" with keyword "PCHand".

Step 2, Click [View] in front of the product title, and get a trial link from "Sales Links". You could download the products and host them, or directly link to Regnow custom build.

Step 3, Don't forget to add a BUY NOW link on your website, for example,*&affiliate=XXXXX
Where 23447-* is our product ID, while XXXXX is your Regnow affiliate ID.

PAD File
Regnow ID
50% - 75%
50% - 75%
50% - 75%
Affiliate Policy
  • Affiliates MUST NOT omit PCHand in product title, or change the product title.
  • Affiliates are NOT allowed to offer any discount without authorized. If having any plan of discount promotion, please contact us.
  • Affiliates MUST NOT use "PCHand", "PCHand Software" or similar wording in any kind of advertisement.
  • All rights reserverd to PCHand Software.
What User Says
My major work is to make tutorials for our products, and this excellent Screen Capture software helps a lot to capture images and edit! - David
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